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All things Youtube

This is where you will find links to pages with Youtube information, How-To Videos, Articles, Help links and more

To keep abreast of the Youtube Terms of service  is important  as you do NOT want to run the risk of having your promotion pulled or worse still your account deleted altogether.  I feel that understanding YouTube’s guidelines prevents a lot of possible difficulties so this is why I have added the link to their actual guidelines here on this front page.

Here is a link to Youtube’s Copyright Infringement Notification Basics Policy

This is where you’ll find FAQ Copyright Questions

Here’s where you’ll find the official colours of Youtube

This is where you can download the Official Youtube Logo

If you need information about the Youtube API you’ll find it here 

The Youtube UPLOAD widget is in it’s experimental phase, but if you want information about it, you”l find it here.

This is the link for the Youtube Analytics information

You can monetize your Youtube videos and this is a good link to find information about that topic



HOW – TO Youtube Videos

How To Add A Custom Thumbnail To Your Youtube Videos



3 effective video SEO tips 


Infographics about YouTube

Why video is vital to your business

YouTube- the 2nd largest Search Engine

How to grow your business using on-line video

Video email marketing

10 ways to optimize your YouTube Channel